Our Story

Over the years various Richard Kane Ferguson merchandise has been available in different locals around the web and, occasionally, in person at MTG events. Now the stars have aligned (evidenced in the photo below :) and we’re bringing it all together in one spot: RKF playmats, prints, artist proofs, canvas reproductions, original art, limited edition offers, T-shirts, hoodies and other art and accessories (we're open to ideas).

Our mission, even though we’re not big on mission statements: Happy customers. With that, if you…

  • See something you like? Please let us know.
  • See something you don’t like? For sure let us know.
  • See something missing that you would like to be available on the site? Definitely and please let us know!

Our goal is to consistently introduce new, great products that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Thanks for visiting our site!

Rich & Renee