You might find this hard to believe, but RKF has absolutely every single proof -- or at least a few of each -- that he has ever received from WOTC. A born proof hoarder from the very beginning, RKF recognized their intrinsic value and sheer collectability right from the outset! And that is exactly why he took all those proofs from way back in the day, put them in a simple, unmarked box, stashed them in a corner and forgot all about them. For at least 20 years. 

And now the day has finally come, and at last, you can have access to this absolute treasure trove of AP's. ***Stay tuned -- we'll release new proofs consistently. Some fully painted, inked or penciled. These will be proofs that RKF selects, with images of his choice in all the mediums we listed. You will also be able to purchase proofs with no image, signed or unsigned.

*Sorry, but no commissioned APs at this time.